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fabric with feeling

eTextiles are everyday fabrics, integrated with electronics that enable them to sense and react to the world around them. 

Our patent pending smart fabric, is able to intelligently map pressure across its surface.

This provides a comfortable and familiar interface for tracking and reacting to the motion of our bodies.

stopping the pressure

When sitting at a desk or lying down in bed, our bodies keep us safe from pressure ulcers by constantly repositioning our weight.

Wheelchair users who have reduced sensation and lower mobility are not always able to do this independently or regularly enough.

Our smart fabric can be embedded into a support surface, to continuously monitor pressure and alert to when and how to reposition when at risk.

stopping the pressure.png
from the atom up.png

from the atom up

Technology can help more people when it seamlessly integrates into our everyday.

Keeping our smart fabric soft and flexible required us to engineer the sensing infrastructure right down at the atomic level.

This breakthrough is enabled by the next generation of nanotechnology, graphene and two-dimensional materials.


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Scott Dean

Scott is a PhD student at the National Graphene Institute. He has led complex logistical projects, involving diverse stakeholders and large budgets. He leads the team and is responsible for  business management, direction and strategy.


Chris Castle

Chris is a PhD student at the Photon Science Institute. A creative and technically skilled researcher. He oversees the sensor technology development and company IP strategy.


Pietro Steiner
hardware eng

Pietro is a PhD student at the National Graphene Institute. He specialises in multi-disciplinary engineering projects, combining mechanical, electrical and materials science to develop bespoke tools.


Vicente Orts
business dev

Vicente is a PhD student at the National Graphene Institute. He drives business growth through strategic partnerships, grant applications and collaborations.


Carlo Steiner
product dev

Carlo is an experienced  product development engineer who has led multiple hardware projects from design, through prototyping and regulatory approval, to real world implementation.


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